Display Error of reservations at Danske Bank

If you have an account with Danske Bank and have a reservation of an amount through Yourpay, then maybe you have experienced that the date of the reservation changes. This can be due to an display error in your account summart at Danske Bank.

This display error can cause some confusion, as it may appear as if new reservations are made on your account.

Here you can find an example of such display error, as well as an guide on how to find the original date for the reservation.

What is a reservation?

When you pay for a product in a webshop, a reservation of the payment amount is made on your bank account. It can be understood as such: the owner of the webshop “tags” the money, in order to be sure to get his payment, when he later has to capture the payment.

According to Danish e-commerce law, a business is not allowed to capture the payment from its customers until the products are shipped to the customer. So until the products are shipped and the payment is captured, the reservation will remain on your bank account.

A reservation is valid for 30 days. If the owner of the webshop hasn’t captured the money within that timeframe, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

Example of display error

In your account summary at Danske Bank, the date of the reservation will be changed daily to today’s date.

On the image below, the reservation appears to be made on October 21st.

Account Summary Danske Bank

If you click on the reservation, you can see the details of the reservation.

Here you can, as shown on the image below, see the original date for the reservation at Danske Bank.

Detailed display Danske Bank

When a reservation is made through Yourpay, it will always say Yourpay*THE NAME OF THE COMPANY. That way, you can always see where you have made a purchase. If you are in doubt, you are always welcome to contact Yourpay, and we will help you figure it out.

You can read more about why it says Yourpay* on your account summary here.

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