Dinero Card Payment

With Dinero Card Payment your customer can pay invoices from your with payment cards. It is really easy to get started, and it’s easy for your customers to pay the invoices you send out through your accounting system Dinero.

Customers can pay with all standard Yourpay payment methods, such as Visa and MasterCards and the subbrands. But – now we have given something to do the customers, so now we naturally also have some benefits for you; because we post everything automatically, directly into Dinero.

Instead of spending your time on bookkeeping, you can now spend your time on your company. Read more about Yourpay’s partnershop with Dinero here.

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How the integration works

Dinero Card Payment is an integration, made in collaboration between Dinero and Yourpay. With the integration, you can receive payments from your invoices through card payments from your customers.

When you have activated the integration, you have the choice on each invoice to deactivate the payment link – but we recommend that you keep it activated.

Your customer can click on the payment link, enter their card information and then the money is on its way to you.

Automatic bookkeeping

When your customer has used the card payment method to pay an invoice, the payment is automatically registered in Dinero.

When Yourpay pays out the money to your bank account, the payment is posted automatically. This means that you don’t have to record payments, fees, payouts and possible currency differences.

Be aware that the automatic bookkeeping will only work correctly, if the payouts are made to a Danish bank account. If the payouts are made to an international account through IBAN/SWIFT, the automatic bookkeeping will not work.

What does it cost?

The pricing model is simple and made transparent, without hidden fees. In other words, there is no subscription or other inscrutable costs:

  • If you have Dinero Pro, you get a payment solution and automatic book keeping for the price of only 1.5% og the invoice total.
  • If you have the free version of Dinero, you get a payment solution and automatic book keeping for 2% og the invoice total.

What are the benefits then?

Invoices can be troublesome, both for you as a company and for your customer.

It is expensive to have money owing to you and the longer to give them credit, the greater the risk of never receiving the money is.

  • Your customers are spared from unnecessary payment steps, which might be so inconvenient that you don’t get your money on time.
  • With the payment link diretly on the invoice, your customer does not have to go through online banking, NemID and account details. Payment only requires one click and card information – it doesn’t get easier than that.
  • With the automatic book keeping, you can spend less time on book keeping. Instead you can sspend your time on maintaining og developing your business.

How do I get started?

We have made it as simple as possible to get started and you can in manner of minutes be ready to receive card payments on your invoices.

  1. Log on to Dinero
  2. Press the little gear (settings) in the upper right corner > Add-ons and integrations.
  3. Read and accepts Yourpay’s terms and conditions.
  4. Choose which bank account in Dinero that you want the payouts from Yourpay posted on.
  5. Click on “Start Yourpay Integration” and you can instantly receive card payments on your invoices (it happens automatically).
  6. Yourpay contacts you on e-mail and telephone to ensure that everything is as it should

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