Different transaction fee, depending on the card type?

At Yourpay, we want to make it as simple and transparent as possible for you as a business owner. Therefore, you always only pay one transaction fee.

With a Yourpay payment solution, the only thing you pay for are the transactions. Yourpay accepts payments from all Visa and MasterCards from the entire world, and always at the same transaction fee. It doesn’t matter where in world the card is from.

Streamlined transactions fee in the EU

Some years ago, the European Union agreed on making the price for using your Visa or MasterCard should be the same, no matter where the consumer is from in the EU. This meant a more streamlined pricing model. However, det banks where the ones with the greatest gain, as they kept having one price for local cards and another price for foreign cards.

We want you to receive the benefits on this. Therefore we have at Yourpay, completely transparently, decided to make the price the same, no matter what.

When a consumer from other countries than the member countries of the EU does business with you, the cost price can sometimes be lower for us, and sometimes much higher for us. That is a risk that we have calculated into our pricing model. Therefore, you won’t suddenly be left with an uncomfortable price increase from us.

This also means that you might find cheaper alternatives to Yourpay. Still, in such cases, you might also be exposed to a number of diffrent prices, all depending on where the consumer is from. Or more so, where in world the consumer’s card is from.

A small example

Just an everyday example:

If a consumer, with a credit card from a Norwegian bank, does business with you, the transaction will count as Norwegian, although the consumer might be Danish. In such an instance, you will pay a transaction fee as if the consumer is Norwegian. Since Norway is not a member of the EU the transaction fee will not be subject to the rules of the EU regarding pricing of Visa and MasterCard.

This is just one of the many things to consider, if you are inquiring after the prices of our competitors.

Yourpay prices

At Yourpay, we offer you and your business, simple and transparent prices that are the same across all cards and all currencies.

We have different pricing packages, so that you can get the prices that fits your needs.

Read more about our prices here.

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