CVC code 000

If one of your customers has tried to pay in your webshop with a payment card that has a CVC code 000, the payment will be rejected by our system. In this article, you can read more about what the CVC code is used for in relation to online payments, as well as why such a payment is rejected by Yourpay’s payment system.

What is a CVC code?

The CVC code, or CVV code, is a three-digit code that appears on the back of your debit card. On American Express cards, this code will be four digits.

The three numbers act as a control code, and must be entered when shopping online. This helps to ensure that the person trying to pay with the card is also the owner of the card. In short, it is the online version of a PIN code that you use when shopping in a physical store.

The location of the CVC code, on the back of the card, is also a basic security feature. That way, all your card information can not be read by someone else, just by looking at the front of the card.

CVC code

Why are the payment denied?

Yourpays systems do not accept a CVC code of 000 as being a secure code. Therefore, your customer’s payment will be rejected when they try to pay at your webshop.

It is an unfortunate situation to be in, but unfortunately the only solution is to try the payment with another card. The consumer will most likely also experience being rejected by other acquirers. Therefore, we recommend that the consumer possibly order a new card.

Yourpay increases security

If you have a payment agreement with Yourpay, a free fraud prevention is included with your agreement. Yourpay’s artificial intelligence makes an automatic risk assessment of all payments.

The risk assessment takes place in a few milliseconds. This means that your customers can shop safely and securely on your webshop when you use Yourpay’s payment solution. It even goes so fast that they will not notice the process. Read more about our fraud prevention here.

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