Customer Data

In our API you have the option to use the Custumer Data function. This feature allows you to see which master data is linked to your agreement with Yourpay. This is read using your merchant token.

Here you also have the opportunity to see which bank information is active in your agreement – ie whether it will be paid out to the specific bank account, or whether your account is set up for payment in the desired currency.

How to use Customer Data

First go to our API and find the Customer Data function.

Press the “200 ok” button, as shown in the image below.

Customer data

Here you press “try console” in the upper right corner of the panel on the right, to use the function. This can also be seen shown in the picture below.

customer data - try console

In the “merchant_token” field, enter your merchant token, which you can find in your Yourpay admin under account information. You can read more about your merchant token here.

Then press “Send Request”.

Customer data - send request

After pressing “Send Request”, your data will appear under “Response” -> “Body”. Here you can see information such as company name, CVR number, address and owner information as well as your transaction fee with Yourpay and your payout days.

Check bank details

As mentioned above, you can also check which bank details are linked to your account and whether these are active. In addition, you can also see which currencies your account is set up to be able to receive and pay out in.

If you want to set up your account to pay out in currencies other than DKK, this must be defined on the Submit bank function in our API. You can read more about currency at Yourpay here.

When a bank account has been added, data from Customer Data must be read as follows:

  • merchant_id: Productions ID (Test ID will be displayed for 30 min. from the addition is made, and then the system automatically switches to Production ID)
  • account_id: Internt accountID for the use of Yourpay
  • currency:  ISO 4217 currency code
  • amount_account: will appear with 0
  • amount_total_tax: Will appear with 0
  • registration_number:  Registration number
  • account_number: Account number
  • bank: Bank name
  • iban: IBAN number
  • bic_code: SWIFT Code
  • account_state: Is shown with 1 or 0,  where 1 is active. ie the account we settle too.
  • initialization_time: Unix time for creation
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