Which currencies can I accept with Yourpay

You can accept payments in the most common currencies with Yourpay. That means currencies from all European countries, the Scandinavian countries as well as the USA. In this article, you can read about the currency codes for these common currencies. 

If you receive a currency different to DKK, the money will automatically be converted when paid out to your Danish bank account. 

If you wish to receive the money paid out in the same currency as the one you have received the payment in, you have to use an IBAN/SWIFT account. 

In order for the currency setup to work, you have to make use of ISO 4217 currency codes, which are standard in banks and financial institutions. 

Alpha and numeral ISO codes are as follows, where you can also see which countries uses these currencies. 

DKK  –  ISO 208

Denmark – Faroe Islands- Greenland

EUR – ISO 978

Andorra – Austria – Belgium – Cyprus – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Guadeloupe – Ireland – Italy – Kosovo – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – French Guyana – Martinique – Mayotte – Monaco – Montenegro – Holland – Portugal – Réunion – Saint Barthélemy – Saint Martin – Saint Pierre og Miquelon – San Marino – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain – Vatican City

SEK – ISO 752


NOK – ISO 578

Norway – Svalbard – Jan Mayen – Bouvet Island

GRP – ISO 826

The United Kingdom – British Indian Ocean Territory – Isle of Man – Jersey – Guernsey

USD – ISO 840

USA – American Samoa – Barbados – Bermuda – The British Virgin Island – Ecuador – El Salvador – Guam – Haiti – Marshall Islands – Micronesia – Northern Mariana Islands – Palau – Panama – Puerto Rico – East Timor – Turks – and Caicos Islands – The Virigin Islands – Cambodia

I can't find the right code

If you need to be able to receive a different currency than the ones on this list, it might still be possible. Just contact us on support@yourpay.io

We will alwats evaluate the currency based on risk, which is why we need an request. 

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