Receive different currencies with Yourpay

Do you accept payment in several different currencies in you webshop, or when your customers pay their invoices with card?

That is not a problem with Yourpay, because you can receive payments in the most common currencies. You can see which currencies you can accept here.

When you accept foreign currencies through Yourpay, you can either receive payouts in the currency in which the payment is captured. You can also choose to have the money converted into DKK. 


Payout of currency

If you for example capture payments in Euro, either through your webshop or on invoices, you can easily get the payouts in Euro as well. 

In order to receive payouts in Euro, you have to submit a bank account, which is set up to receive that particular currency. It is not possible to receive payout in anything but DKK on a Danish bank account. 

When submitting a currency account, we need your IBAN and SWIFT number. You can get such information from your bank.

Be aware that when making a IBAN/SWIFT payout, there is a minimum amount for payout, depending on the currency. That means that it is not possible to make payout of less than 300 EUR or 300 USD. 

Also, the payouts to an IBAN/SWIFT account will be submitted a payout fee from both our and your bank. 

From when we make the payout to your account, it will take around 3-5 bankdays before the money is on your account. 

If you accept payments in more than one foreign currency, we need IBAN/SWIFT registration for all those account. 

Converting into DKK

If you don’t havce an IBAN/SWIFT account submitted to your agreement with Yourpay, we are not able to make the payouts in anything but DKK. That means that your payments in other currencies will be automatically converted. You also have the opportunity to have the payments converted into other currencies, if you want. 

When we convert you payments, they are converted in accordance with the rates of Spar Nord, which follow those of Thomson Reuters, minus 66 basis points. 1 basis point corresponds to 0,01% and is deducted from the currency rate. The rates are read daily at 2:30 PM, which means that the conversions are done in accordance with the rate at that time. 

Need help?

Do you have questions to this article, or if you need help setting up your account for receiving the right currency?

You are always welcome to contacting our support team, and we will be ready to help you. 

Your can contact us on 70 555 678 or support@yourpay.io.

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