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Creating a Merchant at Yourpay is easy. Here is a guide to get you started.

You can create a merchant using our API function called V4 create merchant wich you can find here.

In our API collection, you have the opportunity to see how the whole operation works, before integrating it into your own scenario.

Please note: the rest of this guide will be shown on api.yourpay.dk

When you get to the function linked here you will be able to see, wich parameters you need to create a new merchant.

Explenation of the parameters:

  • Companyshop = If you are using an online webplatform like Woocommerce, shopify etc. Please enter this here
  • Companydetails = Please enter details about the shop. If it is an online shop or physical shop
  • MerchantsComment = please enter if you have a comment regarding the registretation, this could be if the account is for testing purposes only
  • merchantsidcombined = if you already have a master account and want to register the new merchant as a “slave” account, please enter the test-merchantid from the master account here. This can be found under “acccount” on admin.yourpay.io
  • psp = if the new merchant needs to be registered under a Yourpay partner account, please enter the partner id here
  • client_type = if you run an online shop, please leave this unmarked. If you have a physical shop with a card reader, please enter “1”

For trying the function, before integration it on your own site, you can press the “try console” button in the top right corner. This will bring you to the “try it yourself screen” where you can enter theese parameters.

To test the feature, click on the blue “send request” button in the bottom of the screen as shown below

If everything has worked out, you will get a “succes = 1” and a “merchant id = xxxxxxxxx”

We will also send a welcome email with login information, to the email specified in the variable ‘PersonalEmail’.

If you want to fill out bank info, owner info etc. please take a look at the next page here.


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