Creating an account with Yourpay

As soon as you have created you account with Yourpay, you can begin to capture money from your customers. Here, you can get an overview of the process for when you have created the account and apply for a payment solution with Yourpay.

Please make note of that the following applies to all agreements, not matter the product type or partner.

How to set up your account

You have the opportunity to create an account directly on our website Yourpay.eu. Here you can choose the price package that suits your businessmodel the best. It is worth noticing that with our prices, all you pay for is the transactions fee. Read more about our prices here.

It is also possible to get an agreement with Yourpay through one of our many partners, such as Dinero, E-conomic or Billy’s Billing.

After having created your account, you will receive a welcome mail on the e-mail adress that you have created the account with. This happens automatically, no matter how you have created the account. This e-mail is very important for the further process og setting up and approving your account.

In the e-mail that you receive, you will find the login information for Yourpay’s administration system. Here you can upload the documentation needed for us to approve your account.

You should also be aware of that until this documentation has been filled out and approved by Yourpay, it is not possible for you to receive payouts.

When the information and documentation has been approved, you will be contacted by a Yourpay employee in order to helt finalise the account.

Since you will be contacted on the phone, it is important to be aware of receiving a phone call from a phone number belonging to Yourpay.

I want to get started quickly

Yourpay already has a short process for approving your account. In case of you wanting for this process to move even faster, you always have the opportunity to send us an e-mail either on support@yourpay.io or onboarding@yourpay.io. Then we have the opportunity to speed up the process.

It takes 48 hours from you sending us an e-mail oto your account being approved. Hereafter, you will receive confirmation on e-mail, when you are ready to receive payouts.

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