Control your stock in Woocommerce

  1. From the WordPress Admin sidebar, go to Products and edit or create a new Product

  2. Scroll down below the post editor to find the Product Options panel and click the Inventory tab.

  3. Check Manage Inventory if you need to set the option on this individual product

  4. Enter a Stock Qty for how many products you have on hand.
    • The stock quantity entered here will be copied to all variations. If you have a different number of blue sweaters compared to red sweaters, for example, click the Variation tab and enter the stock quantities separately in each variation.

  5. Set the Stock Status – basically if the Stock Qty is zero, then the Stock Status is out of stock and vice versa.

  6. Choose whether to Allow Backorders or not.
    • Enabling backorders allows customers to purchase out-of-stock items, so be sure you are equipped with a quick turnaround to avoid customer service meltdowns or charge-backs.
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