Clearhaus, Danish card acquire

Do you value being able to call your card acquirer and speak your own language?

Clearhaus is a Danish card acquirer founded in 2011. You can get Danish-speaking support there, and as a core business, you and your company can get assistance if you need an acquiring agreement.

Clearhaus - kortindløser

Principal member af VISA og MasterCard

Clearhaus is, in technical terms, a Principal Member of VISA and MasterCard. In everyday speech, this means that they have a direct contractual relationship with the card companies, and communicate directly with them.

The card companies have built up a number of different membership options, where you can, for example, be a Payment Facilitator like Yourpay or a Principal Member like Clearhaus.

When you are a Principal Member, you may enter into agreements with agents, to enter into agreements on your behalf. This means that you can outsource the agreements to a third party in a very impractical manner. Thus, you do not have direct dialog with the customer.

For you and your company, if you want an agreement with Clearhaus, it means that it is not enough just to have an agreement with Clearhaus. You also need an agreement with a third party who will act as Gateway.

A Gateway is, in essential, the part of the company that has the customer contact, and which makes the webshop integration available. That way you have the opportunity to receive payments. In this tripartite relationship, Clearhaus takes care of the money, as it is only with their type of license that can directly handle money.

Clearhaus primarily provides Online and mobile payment agreements. In that sense, they do not handle payments in payment terminals.

If your company needs an agreement to receive physical payments, you need to find another partner for this part.

In addition to being able to receive the usual Visa and Mastercard cards at Clearhaus, your business will have access to several of the popular additional options such as MobilePay through their Gateway partners.

Yourpay as a complete solution

Yourpay is an omni-channel that covers the entire palette within payments. So whether you have a webshop, physical store or otherwise need to charge money, we have a solution for you.

At Yourpay you get a total solution, which means that there is also an acquiringn agreement included in your agreement with Yourpay.

Read more about Yourpay’s products here.

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