Changing the sizes of card logos

If you use Yourpay’s payment system, you can change the size of card logos by using Extra CSS directly in your webshop.

Be careful to set both height and max-height in Extra CSS.

How to navigate to Extra CSS:

  • Click on Appearance
  • Click on “Customize” at the active theme
  • Click on Extra CSS
Her kan du ændre størrelsen på kortlogoet

Insert the following CSS-code:

.wc_payment_method.payment_method_yourpay img {
height:     60px !important;
max-height: 60px !important;

Remove card logos at payment

If you want to remove the card logos when your customers have to pay, insert the following code as CSS code:

*.wc_payment_method.payment_method_yourpay img {

display:          none;



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