Change of ownership in the company - what about my payment agreement?

When you buy a store, the previous owner has entered into a payment agreement which covers the store’s or the owner’s own CVR number. However, there are certain formalities that must be adhered to when there is a change of ownership of a business.

If the CVR number follows the Webshop, you must inform us immediately after the takeover that you are the new owner. We are regularly informed by the Ministries about ownership changes, but we always recommend that you do so before we receive the message from the authorities.

When you buy a store, it is a so-called change of ownership. Our recommendation here is always to create your own payment agreement with us.

You can do that right here.

It only takes two minutes from the time you set up and until you are ready to receive payments, and if you are in doubt about transferring of prices or the like, you’re more than welcome to contact us.

The reason for this is that a contract is personal and non-transferable. It is, however, always free of charge to have an agreement with us and there are no costs associated with having to create a new agreement.

change of ownership

When you set up an agreement

When you create an agreement, you must submit proof that you are who you say you are. It can be a passport or driver’s license, with a picture, as well as the yellow health insurance certificate. These must be submitted to all owners with an ownership percentage of more than 17.5%.

You can read more about this right here.

Is your business a volunteer association, you’d have to submit the latest record of your general assembly. It is not necessary to submit the entire summary, but only the page stating who the chairman and treasurer are. In addition, photo identification and health insurance card must also be submitted on both.

When a new chairman and/or treasurer is elected, this must of course be notified to us and new identification must be submitted.

These can be uploaded inside your admin page.

If you need help or have questions, you are always welcome to contact us. You can send an email to support@yourpay.io or call +45 70 555 678.

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