Can you remove Yourpay from the bank text?

When a consumer has done business with you, it will always sat Yourpay in the customer’s banktext. This will appear as Yourpay*company name. It is unfortunately not possible to have Yourpay removed from the bank text.

Responsibility for both company and consumer

We feel a great sense of responsibility for both our clients and the consumers, who do business with you. Therefore we also want to stand by our clients by having Yourpay in the customer’s bank text.

We also have a great deal of focus on making sure that the consumer can shop safely – both in physical stores and online. Our licens as Payment Facilitator through Visa and MasterCard also means that we make ourselves available to the consumer. This is both in the case og the consumer having questions regarding a specific transaction and if some fraudalent has happened.

It is our experience that with Yourpay in the customer’s bank text reduces the number of chargebacks. This is because before the customer or his/her bank makes a chargeback, they have the opportunity to contact Yourpay. When they contact us, we can help then look into where the money has been charged from. Thereby you can as a business avoid the risk of receiving chargebacks and the fee of 300 DKK that comes with a chargeback. Read more about chargebacks here.

Get your secondary name in the bank tekst

Does your store or webshop have a different name than the registered name of your company? Then you have the opportunity to get your secondary name on your customers’ receipts or bank statements.

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