Can you pay with Google Pay?

Payment with Google Pay works the same way as contactless payments with cards. That means that you simply hold your phone close to the terminal, and the payment will be approved.

On both of our terminals, PAX A920 and Miura 10, you can of course received payments with this technology.

This means that your customers can pay using their smartphone, smartwatch or their tablet in your store, with our terminals. You can of course still receive all types of digital payments.

Google Pay

NFC (Near-field communication) skal være aktiveret på Android enheden før at man kan bruge app’en og gennemføre betalinger med din enhed.

Du kan se alle vores terminaler her

How to pay on the terminal

Unlock the phone and hold it up close to the payment terminal, where the payment will be confirmed. In cases of payment of less than 350 DKK, you don’t have to unlock the phone – as long as the screen isn’t turned off.

Which cards can be attached?

Google Pay collaborates only with the cards selected by the banks. This means that in some banks, only MasterCards can be connected to the app.

Therefore, contact your bank if you are in doubt about whether your card can be used in the app.

How to get Google Pay

It only takes a few minutes to get going with Google Pay. the payment system works on all phones, tablets and smartwatches with Android control system, Lollipop 5.0 or newer.

  1. Download Google Pay from Google Play and open the app
  2. Press “+ payment method” under payment and follow the guide
  3. Add the card that you wish to pay with
  4. Accept terms and conditions

You are now ready to use the app to pay on terminals and webshops. You can also use it to pay directly in Google Play without having to submit your card information.

Secure payment every time

Your card information won’t be saved on the phone nor in the app. Instead a virtual number is created, called a token. This is used to make the payments.

That means that Google Pay is a secure way to make payments.

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