Can you pay with Apple Pay?

On our terminals PAX A920 and Miura 19, you can of course pay with Apple Pay in the same way that you can pay with contactless paument using cards.

This gives Your customers the opportunity to pay with their smartphone, tablet/iPad or smartwatch. Thereby, you can receive digital payments in your shop.

Apple Pay only works on iPhones with iOS control systems – however, you can connect types of cards in your wallet.

Your have to be aware of that in order for this type of payment to work, NFC (near-field communication) should be activated on the phone.

You can read more about our terminals here.

Apple Pay

Hw do I get Apple Pay?

In order to use Apple Pay for payments, you have to have a MasterCard or a Visa/Dankort. You also need an iPhone 6 or newer version, with the latest iOS update.

  1. Check that you iPhone has the latest iOS update. If you don’t have the latest update, you should download and install it. You do so, under your iPhone settings.
  2. You should add your payment card to your Apple Wallet. There are two ways for you to do this:
    You can add the card through your mobile bank
    Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and choose “Add Card”
  3. You can now pay with your iPhone, where you normally can pay with contactless payments using cards.

High level of safety for your information

Apple Pay is not only one of the easiest ways to pay, but also one of the safest.

Your card details are not saved on the Apple unit nor on Apple servers. iOS uses a unit specifik number and a unique transaction code for each purchase.

That way all of your payments are private and secure. Also, all purchases have to be approved by either fingerprint or face ID.

You can read more about Apple Pay on Apples website.

You can also read more about Google Pay.

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