Can my customers pay with BitCoins?

If you have a payment solution with Yourpay, unfortunately it is not possible for your customers to pay with BitCoins or other types of crypto currency.

When you use Yourpay, you can accept payments from all types og VISA and MasterCard cards. You also make use other digital payments methods, such as MobilePay and ViaBill.

What are BitCoins?

BitCoins, which was created in 2009, is a type of crypto currency – or digital currency. That means that it is not a currency with printed money, but rather that it is a currency, which you can only access on your computer or other digital devices.

Also, there is no centralized unit, which produces or in other ways administrates BitCoins, as with a regular currency.

The purpose with BitCoins is to offer a new form of payment, rather than with common types of currency.


When you use our payment gateway on your webshop, you have the option to add different payment methods.

You can for example easily install MobilePay on your webshop. We offer the lowest price on MobilePay Online in Denmark. With MobilePay Online the option to pay through the app is automatically added to the payment window.

Read more about MobilePay here.

Accept different currencies with Yourpay

With Yourpay, you can accept different currencies in your shop. It is also possible to receive payouts in either DKK or currency for currency.

If you want to receive your payouts in a currency other than DKK, you have to have a currency account in your bank.


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