Can I save card information?

Do you have a set up in your business, where you want to save your customers’ card information? This can be in order to make a new payment without the customer having to re-enter their information again and again. This can also be known as caching of card information. 

With Yourpay it is not possible to save card information, but it is possible to make a rebilling of a customer. 

In this guide you can read about how you through our API can create CCRG keys and use these to make a rebilling, without the customer having to submit his or her card information again. 

Please be aware that you can only use such setup, if the customer has agreed to this and this is mentioned in your terms and conditions. 

Rebilling Keys

In order to make use of rebilling you firstly have to generate a rebilling key. This is also known as a CCRG key. 

This is done by your customer making a payment to you. The payment primarily serves the purpose of generating the CCRG key. 

If you as a developer are creating the payment window yourself, you have to use Generate Token in our API. You can read more about how you use Generate Token here

When you use Generate Token, you have to make sure that a CCRG key is generated. This is done by writing 1 in the CCRG field in the console for Generate Token in the API. 

When the payment is completed, you can find the CCRG key in you admin under the payment details for that particular payment. 


In order to make a new capture on the card, you now have to use Rebilling in our API. A rebilling is not automatic, so you have to set this up yourself in your backend. 

Rebilling make a new withdrawel on your customer’s card based on the CCRG key, which is generated on the first payment. You can read more about how to use rebilling here

Need help?

If you have question regarding our API, you are always welcome to contact us. You can contact us either through support@yourpay.io or on the phone 70 555 678. 

You can also find a lot of help in our support centre here on the website.  

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