Can I loan money from Yourpay?

Yourpay is approved by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and holds the licens as Payment Facilitator by Visa and MasterCard. This doen’t mean that we are licensed to issue loans, and therefore you can’t borrow money from Yourpay.

Yourpay offers payment solutions to businesses. That means that business owners, both with physical stores or webshops, can accept card payments from their customers through our services.

Yourpay as omni-channel

Yourpay covers the entire payment palet. That means that no matter whether you have a physical store, a webshop or for some other reason want to capture payments, we have a solution. Read more about our products here.

We want to make it easier for business to get a transparent payment solution. Therefore there are no hidden fees in your agreement. You also have the same fee on all transactions, no matter the type of card. Read more here.

Interested in an agreement?

Are you interested in a payment solution with Yourpay?

It is quick and easy to create an account with Yourpay – and you have the opportunity to accept payments right away.

You can create your account directly with Yourpay on our website. Here you can choose the price package that suits your business model. It is worth noting that with out prices, everything is included in the transaction fee. Read more about our prices here.

Yourpay has a short process for the onboarding of your account. If you want to read more about what kind of information we need from you when you create your account, read about our onboarding process here.

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