Automatic refund of duplicate transactions at your terminal

Duplicate transactions. We have all tried it. You’re in doubt whether the customer’s order went through or not, or the cash register briefly lost internet connection.

In some cases, this can unfortunately mean that duplicate transactions are made on a single payment, and you therefore have to make a refund to the customer.

At Yourpay, we have made it easy for you so that you do not have to worry about a refund of a double payment.

We offer an automatic registration of double orders, so that if a consumer erroneously pays twice at your card terminal – then we automatically refund one while you keep the other.

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It is for everyones benefit of, both you as a trader and for the consumer who does not need to check his bank statement afterwards. And you do not have to worry about duplicate transactions.

In this guide you can see how you can easily and quickly you set up your account to register and automatically refund duplicate transactions.

How to set it up

Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to set up your account for automatic refund of duplicate transactions on your card terminal. You can also follow along in the picture guide further down the page.

Log in to your admin.yourpay.io 

  • Go to the menu: App Store
  • Choose: Generel Yourpay settings.
  • Click: Install
  • Choose settings
  • Choose: Refund automatic POS duplicates.
  • Insert 1 on the line
  • Click: Save

Now, if there is a duplicate transaction on a customer’s card, it will be refunded within the next 3 minutes.

Once the refund has gone through, your customer will have the money in their account again after 2-3 business days.

duplicate transactions
duplicate transactions
press the settings button
picture of App settings

Need help?

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Do you have questions about the setup of automatic refund of duplicate transactions on your terminal? Then you’re always welcome to contact our support team.

You can contact us on tel. 70 555 678 or at support@yourpay.io.

You can also read more about refunds at Yourpay here.

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