Security in pride of place with artificial intelligence

Security, security, security. It is so important.
Therefore, we have our unique artificial intelligence, which protects your company against fraud and thereby also against unecessary loss and worries.

Artificial Intelligence

Yourpay has developed an artificial intelligence, which ensures your safety as a webshop, and at the same time protects you against credit card fraud.

Our artificial intelligence is a frontliner in the fight against fraud. It scans your webshop for suspicious buying behaviour among your customers. It analyses millions of data and if there is any activity that stands out from the norm it will ask the consumer to confirm his/her identity with a series of control questions. Furthermore, it uses a variety of tools and resources from VISA and MasterCard.

This can warn you against possible fraud and potentially help you to avoid losing money on a chargeback case due to credit card fraud.

Our articificial intelligence is always included in our solutions, but if you have any specifik questions or requests for our articificial intelligence, you are welcome to contact us.

Some facts about our articificial intelligence

  • All transactions are risk assessed within 1-5 milliseconds
  • All transactions are assessed based on a minimum of 1 million unique factors
  • All transactions are risk assessed and if the risk is too high, 3D Secure is automatically activated
  • All previous transactions from the same computer is automatically reassessed

We create computer DNA profiles

Our articificial intelligence creates unique DNA profiles on all computers, which use Yourpay. This includes Yourpay’s customers and computers that use Yourpay’s services.

With these unique DNA profiles, our articificial intelligence can survey how often our service is used and which consumption patterns the consumer using the computer has.

Our articificial intelligence can’t survey specific consumers, but it can exclude certain DNA profiles from using Yourpay based on their patterns of action and lact of willingness to declare themselves.

The DNA profiles are created based on a variety of private and public registered data about people as well as data handed out directly from the computer.

If you have questions regarding your online payment system, our support team is ready to help you. You can contact us on support@yourpay.io or 70 555 678

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