Subscription Payment

Subscriptions, recurring payment, subscription payment, recurring payments. Dear child has many names. Whatever you call it, Yourpay has the solution for you. Subscription payment has become a very modern business model.

Customers sign up for a product or service that they receive at a fixed interval. After the customer has approved the agreement and completed the first payment, the money is automatically deducted going forward. There is also the well-known subscription payment for membership fees, memberships and the like.


Optimize your subscription payments

  • Automatic charges, withdrawals, receipts and confirmations
  • Set up new subscription payments easily and quickly
  • Set the charge in different intervals – fixed or variable
  • See the subscriptions in real time

How to get started with subscription payments

All you need is an acquiring agreement with Yourpay to set up your subscriptions and you set your own fee. The only time you pay is when you use it and there is neither subscription nor binding period.

If you’re already a customer of Yourpay, you can set up subscription payments today on your admin page.

Effective subscription payment - for everybody

Give your customers an efficient and optimized payment flow with Yourpay’s subscription payment. At the same time, you get a user-friendly platform for managing your subscription payments, whether it is your entire business or just part of it.

Read more about how to do it here.

WooCommerce subscriptions

With the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin you can easily and quickly activate subscription payment. Even if you are already using a different payment system on other payments. If you already have WooCommerce as your shop system, you do not need to do anything. You can just start subscribing.

Customize your payment solution to suit your business, free of charge

Make online payment easy for your customers

Make subscription payment easy and fast for your customers to pay with the classic, as well as modern, payment methods.

100% automatic posting of payments

Add your accounting program to your admin page and get your payments posted right away. Easy and simple.

Connect your payment solution with your online accounting program

You can easily connect your accounting program to Yourpay payment solution and enjoy the smart features of your business. E.g. Automatic Posting of all completed payments.

Avoid online scams with Fraud Prevention

Get rid of scams without compromising your conversion rate. With our AI (artificial intelligence), the customer’s online behavioral data is analyzed.

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