Shopbox and Yourpay partnership

The goal behind the collaboration with Shopbox is to simplify the entire payment concept for small and medium-sized stores in the retail industry. Payment should not be complicated – it should be easy and quick to get started, and then the subsequent handling will be simple.

What Shopbox says about the collaboration

“We have chosen to partner up with Yourpay as we share the vision of keeping the customer’s financial journey through the payment world as transparent as possible, and we find that Yourpay’s system is both simple, easy and user-friendly.”

– Jacob Lemmeke

Innovation with results

The cash register system that employees use in terms of sales are provided by Shopbox. As a payment facilitator, Yourpay handles customer payments, so that the payment is withdrawn on the consumer’s payment card and deposited into the company’s account.

Cash-free stadium

Shopbox has, in collaboration with Yourpay, implemented a unique cash-free concept at Lyngby Stadium, which benefits all stakeholders:

  • Spectators no longer have to bring cash to get something to eat and drink – everything is done by debit card.
  • For Lyngby Stadium, it is simple and profitable to handle card payment rather than cash.
  • For the assistants at the stadium, it becomes easier and safer to handle the payment with the customers.

POS solution for the retail industry

  • Quick Creation
  • Fixed, low transaction fee regardless of card
  • Quick Payout
  • Danish Support
  • Automatic Accounting in e-conomic
  • Automatic Reminders
  • No minimum contract period

About Shopbox

Shopbox is a cloud-based checkout solution that gives business owners easier management of their business. Shopbox contains features that restaurant and business owners need in their everyday lives: box, storage system, employee system, and more.

shopbox employee
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Yourpay is a leading payment facilitator with redemption and gateway in one. We provide a complete payment solution at attractive prices, enabling companies to easily receive payments through our Online Gateway, Subscription Platform, Point Of Sale (POS) and Invoicing. Through strong partnerships, we are constantly developing our business with cutting-edge and innovative initiatives so that we can offer our customers innovative payment solutions that streamline and add business value.

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