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Do you want to sell more? Drop your products

Your biggest task as a webshop owner is to turn curious visitors into paying customers. Many other things are important, but ultimately it is sales that drive your business. And you want to sell more, because without customers who make purchases, there’s no webshop.

There are a myriad of buttons to turn to convert visitors into customers. Basically, this type of optimization is always about convincing the potential customer and addressing the objections he / she has in relation to pressing the most important button in your entire webshop, namely “pay now”.

Of course, you should make your check out flow as simple as possible, have good payment options, etc. But product descriptions are often overlooked. You cannot just write a few more lines. If you want to get the most out of your product descriptions, you should simply forget about focusing on the products.

“How can I sell more by forgetting my products?”, You think. To answer that, we need to dive into buyology and a truth that at first glance seems absolutely awful. I promise you it will start to make sense if you read the rest of this blog post.

Your customers do not care about your product

In journalism, which is the world I come from, we use the mnemonic “Don’t tell it. Show it!” Remember it for, as we will return to it in a moment, it is ingenious to have with you when it comes to product descriptions.

Here we get to the core of how your product descriptions should be put together. It is not the product itself that makes people buy it. The customer buys the product in the expectation that it can solve a specific problem he / she has or a dream of a solution.

Let’s make an example. The vast majority of ordinary consumers do not buy a drill at all. They buy the ability to drill holes in the wall. You do not buy a bag of grass seeds, but the dream of a green lawn. So, it’s not the product, but what the product solves for us or can potentially solve, we buy.

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“What’s in it for me?”

So, what does that mean for your product descriptions? Here we need to get to grips with the journalists ’mantra “Don’t tell it. Show it! ” Do not just write about the specifications of the drill, but give potential buyers a picture of how it can solve the problem the person is facing.

If you sell dishcloths, you must not only write the absorbency of the cloths, but describe specifically what it corresponds to. If you can give the potential buyer a notion that the product is the answer to a specific problem or dream, you have a much better chance of completing the sale.

The customer thinks “What’s in it for me?” You need to answer that as best you can.

And then what?

It can be a difficult exercise to become specific about a product’s properties. If you have an indefinable property, you can ask yourself: “and what then? What does this mean for the product’s ability to solve problems or fulfill dreams? “

If you sell bulbs, you can of course write how many lumens it emits. But without putting it into context, it can be difficult to judge what it actually means. It creates doubt, and doubt kills sales.

So, after writing the sentence “The LED bulb lights up with 800 lumens. This corresponds to approx. seven watts ”, ask yourself the question“ and so what? ” For what does that mean exactly? Once you have thought about it, you can complete the description:

“The LED bulb lights up at 800 lumens. This corresponds to approx. seven watts. By comparison, an incandescent bulb illuminates 600 lumens or 60 watts. This means that you get much more light and a significantly lower electricity bill by switching to an LED bulb ”.

You can even make it even more specific by calculating the difference in the electricity bill if, respectively, an LED bulb and an incandescent bulb are lit 24 hours a day for a year, mention the average savings, and so on.

So, if you want to sell more, drop your products and show your customers why they should choose exactly your product.

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