Increase your sales with Resurs Bank

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Offer your customers part payment with Resurs Bank.
It’s a payment method that creates loyal customers and increased sales fore stores and webshops. When you implement the integration, your customers can pay via simple, flexible consumer loans of up to DKK 60,000. This gives them increased purchasing power – and transforms your visitors into paying customers. 1 in 3 buys more if alternative payment options are offered. The financing solution optimizes your purchase flow and thus grows your business

Your benefits with Resurs Bank

  • With responsive design, your customers can pay across; mobile, tablet and computer
  • Get your money within 24 hours and avoid the risk of bad payers
  • It is documented that access to financing solutions boosts sales
  • Get loyal customers who return to shop again and again

What does it cost?

As a customer of Yourpay you can integrate Resurs Bank into your webshop at no cost. You will avoid the registration fee, and save 5,000 kr.

Get started with Resurs Bank

If you are a Yourpay customer, you can implement the integration in your webshop right away. Are you already logged in to your admin, all you need to do is click the link beneath and see for yourself how fast you can set it up.

If you're not already a customer

Having an account with Yourpay is absolutely free. We have no subscription and there is no minimum contract period. As a merchant, this means that you only pay when you use our solution. However, you must have a acquiring agreement in order to use our products.

It only takes a few minutes to set up. Click the link below, follow the instructions and receive payments immediately.

Grant your customers purchasing power

Increase your sales with Resurs Bank and Yourpay

The most important thing in a buying process is that it is simple and user friendly for the customer. An integrated flow reduces the risk of the customer falling out of the buying process. When you offer the customer more payment options and an opportunity to increase the basket’s content, it will allow you to increase your conversion.

And it is completely risk free for you. You will receive your money, under the same conditions as any other payment method at Yourpay.

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