Rent payment terminal
- easy and cheap

At competitive prices you can rent a modern and user-friendly payment terminal.


Rent after your needs

499 DKK for a weekend’s rent

599 DKK for a week’s rent

799 DKK for a mount’s rent

499 DKK for a weekend’s rent

599 DKK for a week’s rent

799 DKK for a mount’s rent

Rent a payment terminal if you take your shop to Chstimas markets, have factory outlet or your store is seasonal.

It is also a smart solution if you need to speed up the attendance of the customers in busy periodes like Black Friday, Christmas and salses.

Renting a PAX payment terminal at Yourpay is both easy and fast. Once you have booked the rental terminal, it will be delivered to you for the agreed day. It is set up and ready to use, without any extra fees.

The PAX terminal is cordless and has a long battery life, so you can have it right where extra assistance is needed. And its intuitive system makes it easy to operate.

We believe payment should be easy

Therefore, the rental agreement is all inclusive. You don’t have to worry about a whole lot – we’ll do it for you.

The rental agreement entails:

  • Free receipt paper roll during the rental period
  • Free SIM card with the terminal
  • Free support
  • Free delivery
  • Package label for return included

Rent a payment terminal

  • 499 DKK for a weekend
  • 599 DKK for a week
  • 799 DKK for a month

At Yourpay you do not commit for several months when renting a payment terminal. You decide whether to use it for a weekend, a week or a month. If you then want to extend the period, you just send us an email.

If you get so happy with the payment terminal that you would like to keep it, feel free to buy it with a 10% discount.

How to rent a terminal

1. Select the desired rental period

2. Enter your information

3. The rental terminal arrives