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Have you ever order so many receipt rolls, that it took up all your inventory space? Or stood on a Friday afternoon and had none left? Luckily, there’s a solution. With a subscription for paper reciept rolls from Yourpay, you no longer need to keep track of ordering and inventory. We’ll do that for you. With our subscription for receiptpaper we automate one of the many manual processes, and you can use your time for things that matters.

Paper receipt rolls delivery

Delivery every month

Spar 20%
  • 220 DKK
  • 60 PCS
  • 3,60 DKK/PCS
  • Free Delivery
  • No minimum period

Delivery every month

Spar 40%
  • 340 DKK
  • 120 PCS
  • 2,83 DKK/PCS
  • Free Delivery
  • No minimum period

Delivery every month

Spar 50%
  • 430 DKK
  • 180 PCS
  • 2,38 DKK/PCS
  • Free Delivery
  • No minimum period


Kr. 25
Per package
  • 5 PCS
  • 5 DKK/PCS
  • Delivery 49 DKK
  • Delivery as needed

Choose the package that fits your needs.

Reciept rolls, as you need them - how it works

Choose the subscriptions that fits the needs of your business. You don’t need to be a customer of other Yourpay products and the subscription is withot a minimum contract period.  That means that you can cancel or pause the subscription, when it fits you.

Delivery is of course included in the price of all packages and you can always up- or downgrade the subscriptions free of charge.

If you wish to cancel the subscriptions completely, we need 30 days notice. If we don’t receive notice at least 30 in advance, the subscription will continue at the monthly price.

You can als choose to simply order receipt rolls when you need them, with our single package. We almost always deliver from day to day on weekdays, depending on where you live.

Further information on our receipt rolls

All our receipt rolls are BPA free paper for thermal printers and come in two sizes:

57x40x12 mm – suitable for PAX and other thermal print terminals.

57x46x25 mm – suitable for most thermal printers.

There are 60 rolls in a box and 5 rolls in a pack.

If you have any questions about our bonus rolls and subscriptions, you can always contact us at support@yourpay.io