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Merchant agreement included, regardless of product

Yourpay helps small and medium-sized companies in many different industries receive payments from their customers. No matter whether you have a physical store, a web shop or something else, we have a payment solution for your business. 

Payment gateway

If you have a web shop, you definitely need a payment gateway and a merchant agreement. With Yourpay, you can have both in one combined payment solution. This saves you time and money, as you only need one agreement with us. 

The pricing is also simple – one fixed, low transaction fee, regardless of the card type. That way, you only pay for the solution when you use it. 

Yourpay - betalingsgateway billede

Payment terminals

If you have a physical store or a stall at a trade fair or flea market, you need a terminal that allows you to accept payments from your customers. But what terminal do you actually need? What does it need to do, and should you lease, rent or buy? Get an overview of which solution fits the needs of your business. 

The terminal will be supplied – configured and ready for use. 


If, for example, you send out demands, e.g. invoices, the EasyCollect payment link is just the right solution for you and, not least, your customers. It has never been easier for them to pay. The easier it is for customers to pay, the sooner they do it. 

You decide whether the customer should receive the payment link via email, text or digital invoice. With just a few clicks and their payment card details, their payment is complete. It will only cost you one fixed, low transaction fee.

Subscription payment

It is easy to get started with subscription payments. On Yourpay’s admin page, you can easily set up, pause, edit, and delete subscriptions, and you can choose the frequency. Once the subscription has been set up and the customer has approved the payment, payments arrive continuously, and you will not have to give it any more thought. 

You just need a merchant agreement with Yourpay – one fixed, low transaction fee.

Receipt rolls

Avoid having to worry about receipt rolls ever again. Receive receipt rolls automatically every other month with a subscription from Yourpay. Choose from three different packages, matching the amount and frequency to your business. 

It is also possible to buy the receipt rolls individually.  

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