Merchant agreement and payment gateway in one solution

At Yourpay, we believe payments should be easy. Both for you and your customers. That is why you get a merchant agreement and payment gateway all in one package. With Yourpay’s payment solution for your web shop, you have just one supplier and save both time and money.

We help both large e-commerce businesses and small web shops make accepting online payments easy. You get a professional and streamlined payment flow, where customers can complete the payment safely and quickly.

Yourpay EasyCollect payment window on a Samsung tablet

Acquiring agreement

Kr. 0 Per month
  • No minimum period
  • All commen card types
  • Full overview in admin
  • A myriad of payment options


Kr. 0 Per month
  • No minimum period
  • Simpel set up
  • Customizable
  • Free Fraud Prevention against theft

Low prices

Fra 1,25% Per transaction
  • Same price for all cards
  • Denmarks lowest price on MobilePay
  • Down to one day payout
  • Free integration for ERP's

Simple and transparent payment solution for your gateway in your web shop

The pricing is simple. Yourpay charges just one fixed, low transaction fee according to your choice – regardless of the card type. That means you only pay for your solution when you use it.

You completely avoid:

  • Establishment fee
  • Subscriptions
  • Contract term

Fraud Prevention reduces online fraud

Avoid online fraud, without risking losing customers. Yourpay’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) system automatically risk-assesses all payments in 1-5 milliseconds. It does this based on an analysis of the client’s typing rhythm, behavioral patterns and many other factors. This way, only fraudsters get blocked, and your real customers notice nothing.

Customise your payment solution to suit your business, free of charge

Make online payment easy for your customers

Accept online payments on your website with all the modern payment methods that make it easy and simple for customers to pay.

Get started with online payment right away

With our plug’n’play payment module for the most widely used shop systems, getting set up to receive payments online is quick and easy. It requires no coding or technical skills – just a few clicks and you are ready to receive payments in your web shop.

Connect your payment solution with your online accounting program

You can easily synchronise your accounting software with Yourpay’s payment solution. With intelligent features, you can streamline your business. Among these features is Automatic Bookkeeping, where all your online payments are posted to your accounting software. This saves you time and you optimise workflows by reducing manual typing.

What is the difference between a payment gateway and a merchant agreement?

To accept online payments, a webshop needs both a payment gateway and a merchant agreement. Yourpay is a payment facilitator, which means that we provide both in one single solution. This saves you both time and money. A payment gateway is the feature that allows your customers to enter their credit card information in the payment window. The merchant agreement means that the money are actually withdrawn from the customer’s card and paid into your company account.

Payment gateway - customer white icon

The customer

Payment gateway - paymentgateway icon white

Payment gateway

Payment gateway - acquirer icon white

Payment acquirer

Paymentgateway - bank account icon white

Your bank account