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A tailor made solution for the business owner with own payment app

If you have your own payment app, developed for either iOS or Android (or both), and you just need your customers to pay via the app, then it is possible to do with Yourpay as a payment solution.
With a small amount of technical knowledge, you can use Yourpay’s API to integrate our payment window, and thus enable your customers’ payment, easily and securely. It requires nothing more than a Yourpay account and a bit of code ingenuity.

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Everything at one collective price

With a payment solution from Yourpay, you get both a payment gateway and a acquiring agreement in one complete package. That way, you avoid having to juggle several different agreements when you have to accept payment in the app. For other payment solutions, in addition to your gateway, you must also have a acquiring agreement with, for example, Bambora, Clearhaus or Handelsbanken. You can avoid that at Yourpay.

You only pay for the solution when you use it. There is no set up fee, no monthly subscription or unforeseen fees and expenses. It is the same fee on all VISA and MasterCard card types, no matter where in the world the card is from.



Transaction fee 1,25%

Minimum 70 øre



Transaction fee 1,35%

Minimum 70 øre



Transaction fee 1,45%

Minimum 70 øre



Transaction fee 1,50%

Minimum 70 øre



Transaction fee 1,7%

Minimum 70 øre

Optimize your business

If you’ve developed a payment app for your business, and you have want to receive payments, regardless of whether it is card payments, subscriptions or commission from a marketplace, we can assist you with an easily integrated solution.

All payments made through Yourpay, even if you have integrated our payment window yourself, are always completely secure. Yourpay complies with the market standard for payment security, also called PCI DSS.

Need help integrating Yourpay’s payment window? Or do you just have questions about Yourpay’s various APIs? Then, please do not hesitate to contact our skilled supporters who can help you set everything up.

Below you can also see a code example of how the payment window is integrated.