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Pay By Group allows your customers to split the payment on an order between them directly in the payment window. Easy, fast and simple. It’s a clever payment option when sharing a payment; whether it is to splurge on a gift, share the cost of a trip, pay in a group or something similar.

Why choose Split Payments

Most people know the dilemma of one person paying the full amount and the others having to pay their share to the person. For some reason, this often does not happen as planned, and the one who has paid the full amount ends up having to chase friends and family to get the money.

Pay By Group makes customers happy, because:

  • They can share the cost instead of waiting for payment from another party
  • They can trade with one or more and share the cost of the purchase
  • They lack funds for the full amount and can get help from friends or family to make the purchase right away

What does it cost?

It is free for you to offer your customer to share their payment with Pay By Group. For the customers, it costs DKK 15 per person to use the solution. But it’s absolutely free of charge for you to use. It’s just an extra service for you to offer your customers.

Get started with split payment right away

We’ve already done the work for you. It is activated as a payment option on all purchases over DKK 500.

You find Pay By Group in our app store. Here, you can both extend the window of activation, or completely deaktivate it, if you do not wish to make use of the offer.

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