MobilePay Online - let your customers pay by phone

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With MobilePay Online in your webshop, you make it easier for you customers to pay, since most people always have their phones close by. Your customers are sure to have a flexible and simple payment experience. MobilePay have over 4 million users – in other words, it is almost a must for any webshop to be able to offer mobile payments.

MobilePay Online makes it easier for your customers and your business

There is no amount limit when the customer uses MobilePay in webshops and you can accept all types of Visa and Mastercard. When paying, your customer is taken to the MobilePay app, where the customer approves the mobile payment with a swipe and is then returned to your webshop. All in under one minute.

Your benefits with Mobilepay Online

  • Easy payment – no card information, only the mobile phone.
  • More completed purchases – the customer has more often his phone at hand than his card.
  • No amount limit – the customer can buy for as much as he / she wants.
  • Happier customers – your customers can pay quickly and easily when shopping in your webshop.
  • Quick and easy to set up.

What does it cost?

With a payment solution from Yourpay you get MobilePay Online at an advantageous price. The setup is absolutely free and our support team will be happy to help you get started.

Price per month: 35 DKK

Transaction fee: 0,70 DKK

Card fee to Yourpay: 0,5%

(only for MobilePay transactions)

Get started with MobilePay easily

If you are already a customer at Yourpay, you can easily and quickly set it up in your webshop via Admin. Having an account at Yourpay is free of charge. That’s why there’s no further costs connected to our services. Furthermore, we don’t have any minimum contract period and you can cancel your agreement when ever your want.