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How to lose as few as possible in your checkout flow

This guide is for you, who want to lose as few potential customers as possible that has already entered your shopping cart on your web shop.

We will show you some of the classic mistakes you may have in your checkout flow and why that is a mistake at all.

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Mistake #1: Not making it very clear what you want the buyer to do

In far too many checkout flows on web shops, I see that it’s not been made COMPLETELY clear what you want your potential buyer to do.
For example, the dominant color in the user’s field of view should be exactly the button you most want the user to click on. It means less whether the button is red or blue, it just has to be the most obvious.

So, if you have a small red button that has a weaker shade of red and you have a slightly larger button that is a strong blue, then unfortunately people will click on the strong blue a little too often.

Then, let’s say that the little faint, red button is the one the user has to click on to move on after filling in his address, and the big, strong blue button is a button that links to your payment terms on an external page, then you’ll get a surprising number of people clicking on the blue button, because it is there, and it is ever so enticing.

I’ve seen up to 34% of visitors disappear from a link they shouldn’t.
34% of potential buyers who disappear because you have not prioritized what should be visually sharpest on your page.

I think you have understood the message now. So, let’s move on to tip 1.

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Tip 1: Remove your front page link, your menu links and all other unnecessary links

Based on the previous tip, you can almost also figure out why this is so important. Not only do you have to make it clear in your design, with the choice of colors (and the strength of those colors) which links they can click on or not, also remove all links that are not strictly necessary. All links.

At Amazon, there are also no links at a certain stage of their checkout flow, neither to the front page nor other pages. When your user is well into the buying process, it is almost unforgivable to lose them on the floor.

Let’s move on to tip # 2

Tip 2: Make small explainer texts under critical sections

For example, if you request personal information in your checkout flow, you can write in small text, below the field they fill in, that their information is not shared with others, that they do not receive a newsletter, and that their data is deleted according to the procedures, as prescribed by GDPR legislation. This creates security, and will often increase your conversion.

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Optimeret Checkout flow

Tip #3: Urgency and scarcity marketing

Urgency – importance requiring swift action.
Scarcity – the state of being scarce or in short supply

Let's begin with Urgency Marketing

What matters in terms of conversion optimization in your checkout flow is that if the customer has put an item in the basket, then you can play on the idea that they should hurry to complete the deal, because the offer they have in the basket, is running out soon. You can do this by having a clock ticking at the top of the page.

So, this is an option you can use if you are running a sales campaign with a time-limited offer. Note that it is illegal marketing to advertise with that kind, if it is not a real time limited offer .. But if it is a time limited offer, then REMEMBER to use it, it increases your conversion tremendously.

Scarcity marketing

This time, however, you must clearly show that there are not many left in stock of this item. Again, it makes the user buy faster and it greatly increases your conversion. But again, this is once again illegal marketing if you do not have a real shortage of goods. So do not do that if it isn’t so.

These 4 tips are incredibly simple to implement. And more and more checkout flows have them gradually pre-installed in their webshop, but many still do not. So, if you really want to see rapid improvements in your sales, make these small changes.

The changes do not only have to be in your checkout flow. It can be made on all your pages on your website.

Do not let your expensively purchased visitors disappear again.

Get started.


About Jimi Hove, guestblogger:
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