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Bank payments are often complicated and takes a long time before payment is received.

With Yourpay’s payment link, it’s easy for you to get a simple and smart solution to put on your bills, invoices, reminders and email offers.

Yourpay’s payment link can be integrated into several of the accounting programs, including Billy, Dinero, E-conomic and Microsoft Navision.

Build your business

Connect our payment link to your invoices.

Follow the guide

Send the invoice to the customer and have the customer click to pay.

Make money

Get your money easier and get autmatic notifications when the payment is received.

Known from the accounting programs

Payment links via Yourpay are particularly known from invoices sent in the accounting programs Dinero, Billy and e-conomic.

Payment link uses Yourpay’s APIs, and your IT system can automatically be notified when the payment is registered with us.

What e-conomic says about Yourpays payment link

"Yourpay challenges the classic role of the acquirer and paves the way for full automation of the order-to-cash process for our customers. At a time when many are still talking about digitization instead of automation, Yourpay comes up with a payment solution that has progressed 2-3 steps further than the other providers."

Rasmus Bendix Struve
Rasmus Bendix-Struve
Product Marketing Manager

Possibly the best support in Denmark

Everyone with whom Yourpay is in dialogue with, is automatically asked to assess the service and the level of service we have. With more than 500 reviews on Trustpilot, which paints a viable picture of good and high level service.

Let the customer pay with a swipe

When you use Yourpay’s payment solutions, your customers can always pay with a Swipe – if MobilePay is activated in your Yourpay account.

You can therefore send a payment link, via e-mail or SMS, to the customer and they can, with just one click, go directly to MobilePay and pay their invoice, bill or order with you.

Finally, contact us if you have any questions about how to set up MobilePay in Yourpay.


Pricing - it's really not that expensive after all


Settlement days

Transaction fee 1,25%

Minimum 10 cent


Settlement days

Transaction fee 1,35%

Minimum 10 cent


Settlement days

Transaction fee 1,45%

Minimum 10 cent


Settlement days

Transaction fee 1,50%

Minimum 10 cent


Settlement days

Transaction fee 1,70%

Minimum 10 cent