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Fraud Prevention - tired of chargebacks in your webshop?

Simple and transparent payment solution for your webshop

Yourpay Fraud Prevention reduces chargebacks because it prevents online fraud with a success rate of more 98%. It is based on our AI (artificial intelligence), which uses the customer’s shopping patterns, key rhythm etc. to identify the fraudsters and prevent them from “shopping”. All of this happens in a few milliseconds, which means your real customers won’t notice the process. In other words, it does not lower the conversion rate.

This is how it works:

  1. All transactions are automatically risk-assessed in 1-5 milliseconds
  2. The customer’s key rhythm, shopping pattern and many other factors are analyzed
  3. If something does not match, 3D Secure is activated and the customer must verify their identity
  4. The fraudsters are sorted out and prevented from making the payment
AI Fraud Prevention

Less chargebacks and more conversions

You get the strongest and most comprehensive security solution in the Danish market with Yourpay’s Fraud Prevention on your webshop. We use artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning to perform risk analyzes and adjustments in real time. Every day we protect thousands of traders from fraud attempts by analyzing huge data sets from open network sources in just milliseconds.

You are guaranteed fewer chargeback cases and more conversions in your online business with our security solution. Only by suspicion of fraud the AI activates our dynamic Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, which means that the cardholder must verify his identity. The credit card fraud is blocked, the number of chargebacks is decreased, and your real customers get a smooth and successful payment experience.

Success rate of more than 98%

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback can be made if a payment has been made on a customer’s debit card, but the customer has not made the payment. In these cases, the debit card has been used for online fraud. Either because the card has been stolen or the information hacked.

What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a security precaution regarding e- commerce. It is also known as MPI. If our Fraud Prevention flags a payment, 3D Secure is activated and the customer is instructed to verify his identity. If the customer uses a Visa card, the Verified By Visa security solution is activated. And if the customer uses a Mastercard is it Mastercard Secure Code which is activated.

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