Faster payment with EasyCollect payment link

EasyCollect payment link makes it easy for your customers to pay, because most people always have their phone to hand. With a few clicks, the payment will be completed via mobile phone, without using NemID or online banking. This improves liquidity. The easier it is for your customers to pay, the quicker they will do so.

EasyCollect is the ideal solution for invoice payment, membership fee collection, payment for table reservations, and much more. It does not require a terminal, web shop or the like – just a merchant agreement with Yourpay. The price is also transparent. You pay a low, fixed transaction fee for each payment processed.

ipad with easycollect

How EasyCollect payment link works in practice

  1. The customer receives a payment link via text, email or online invoice
  2. When they click on the link, the customer is taken directly to Yourpay’s payment window where they enter their card details and complete the payment.
  3. The amount is deducted from the customer’s card and transferred to your account.

EasyCollect is the ideal solution for invoice payment,subscription collection, table reservation payment and much more. It does not require any terminal, physical business or web shop.

Simply have a acquiring agreement with Yourpay, and if you do not use our solution, it will not cost you a penny. There is no subscription and no technical skill required to set up. Simply create a completely free account and follow the on-screen instructions. With a payment link, you have to spend fewer resources on administration and reminder management.

Easy invoice payment with EasyCollect

Yourpay has integrations for both Dinero, Billy and e-conomic, so you can send EasyCollect with your invoices and still get automatic posting of the payment. It couldn’t be simpler.

Optimize your business

It’s easy to get started with EasyCollect’s payment link. On Yourpay’s user-friendly platform, you can set up the payment links to fit your business. Here, you can also monitor all outgoing links and all incoming payments in real time.