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Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that is specially designed to sell digital products on your website. The plugin can be used on all WordPress pages. You also have the option of integrating Yourpay’s payment solution with the plugin, making it easy for your customers to pay.

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What is the price for using Yourpay in my shop?

At Yourpay, it is important to us that payments are easy for you and your customers. Therefore, you do not need to have several different contractual agreements when you use our online payment gateway in your Easy Digital Downloads shop. At Yourpay, you have both a gateway and an acquiring agreement in one complete package.

There’s no monthly subscription to use the solution and you also completely avoid a set up fee. You only pay for the solution when you use it and it is the same fee on all VISA and MasterCard cards, no matter where in the world the card is from.


Settlement days

Transaktions fee 1,25%

Minimum 10 pence


Settlement days

Transaktions fee 1,35%

Minimum 10 pence


Settlement days

Transaktions fee 1,45%

Minimum 10 pence


Settlement days

Transaktions fee 1,50%

Minimum 10 pence


Settlement days

Transaktions fee 1,70%

Minimum 10 pence

Sales of digital products

If you sell digital products, such as e-books, music, or graphic material, that the customer can download right after the purchase, then Easy Digital Downloads makes good sense for you and your shop.

The plugin can be used in WordPress and helps you set up a shop where your customers can put various digital products in the shopping cart. You also have the ability to manage and monitor the download activity on your shop.

In addition to integrating Yourpay as your online payment system in your shop in Easy Digital Downloads, you can also integrate with a wide range of other solutions.

That way, you can create just the online store that makes the most sense for you, your customers and your business. You can see their extensions catalog here.

PCI - what is that?

PCI stands for Payment Card Industry and when this term is used, it is in fact PCI DSS that is meant by this. It is an abbreviation for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a security standard that ensures that users’ data is processed in a secure and approved manner.

Get set up in a few minutes

If you have already made an agreement with Easy Digital Downloads for your webshop in WordPress, it will take not but a few minutes to get ready with your payment gateway from Yourpay. It is a completely non-binding agreement and you only pay for the solution when you use it.

If you need help with the setup in your shop, or if you have other questions about the solution at Yourpay, you are always welcome to contact us.

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