A strong and innovative partnership with e-conomic

The purpose of working with e-conomic is to make it easier for our common customers to run and develop their business. So far, the partnership has led to two completed projects; Automatic Book Keeping and Invoice Payment. Both projects streamline the workflow for the trader and the employees. And there are already new, innovative ideas on the drawing board.

What e-conomic says about the collaboration

“Yourpay challenges the redeemer’s classic role and paves the way for full automation of the order-to-cash process for our customers. In a time when many are still talking about digitalization instead of automation, Yourpay comes with a payment solution that is thought 2-3 steps longer than the other providers.

We take safety and compliance with current legislation seriously. With its focus on compliance and compliance with anti-money laundering legislation, it is natural for us to enter into a partnership with Yourpay, on automating our clients’ orders and receiving payments.

The quality requirements to be part of our in-app store “e-conomic Market” are high, but after seeing Yourpay’s solution there was no doubt. The synergy is great and the possibilities are many. We look forward to a long and good collaboration with Yourpay ”.

– Rasmus Bendix-Struve
Product Marketing Manager, Apps & Integrations

The results of the partneship between Yourpay og e-conomic benefits the customers

As a payment facilitator, Yourpay handles the payment so that it is withdrawn on the consumer’s card and deposited into the company’s account. E-conomic handles the accounting part at their end.

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Automatic bookkeeping

Yourpay is behind the technology that allows all postings to be automatically posted in the customer’s e-conomic accounts on all orders through our Online Gateway or point of sale payment terminal. In practice, the company avoids several hours of manual typing.

Invoice payment

Our EasyCollect technology is used to send out the payment link in invoice payment. It only takes a few clicks to send via SMS or e-mail and the consumer can easily pay without the use of online banking, nemID etc. This kind of invoice payment is a resource saving for the company and increases accessibility for consumers.

About e-conomic

The e-conomic accounting program is used by more than 183,000 companies and 5,300 accountants. This makes bookkeeping, invoicing and budgeting easier and more secure for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Yourpay is a leading payment facilitator with redemption and gateway in one. We provide a complete payment solution at attractive prices, enabling companies to easily receive payments through our Online Gateway, Subscription Platform, Point Of Sale (POS) and Invoicing. Through strong partnerships, we are constantly developing our business with cutting-edge and innovative initiatives so that we can offer our customers innovative payment solutions that streamline and add business value.