A strong and innovative partnership with Dinero

It must be smarter and faster to get your payment from customers. This was the idea behind the collaboration between Dinero and Yourpay.

The accounting system industry has been developing rapidly over the past several years, but the payment of invoices between companies and their customers has remained as simple account-to-account transfers. It’s difficult for companies that have challenges in matching payments to the right invoices, because customers often forget payment references etc.

With Dinero’s and Yourpay’s common focus on innovative solutions, together we have created a solution that puts payments on autopilot.

Therefore, Dinero users have now been given the option of adding card payment as a payment option directly on the invoice sent. At the same time, everything about the payment is posted automatically – from the customer’s payment to the payment in the company’s account; incl. currency differences and fees.

It has never been easier to receive your money!

That's what Dinero says about the collaboration

“In our hunt for a suitable partner, we encountered Yourpay – and finally we managed to find a partner who had the same attitude towards payments that we have for accounting: It must be easy to understand and everyone should be able to join.

Yourpay’s product appeals to us because it is transparent as Yourpay acts as both a gateway and a redeemer. At the same time, they operate a flat-rate solution without subscriptions and fluctuating fees – the customer pays a fixed fee per day. payment. All in all, we have facilitated the everyday lives of both companies and their customers, and the future opportunities are many – we look forward to exploring them. ”

– Jannik Lindenstrøm
Head of integration and accountancy at Dinero

Automatic Reminderservice

Yourpay is behind technology that allows the posting of all orders to be entered in the customer’s Dinero accounts – automatically. This is done through Yourpay’s Online Gateway or point of sale payment terminal. In practice, this means that the company does not have to spend several hours manually typing.

Invoice payment

With Yourpay’s EasyCollect technology to send out the payment link in the invoice payment, it only takes a few clicks to send an SMS or e-mail. The customer can easily pay without the use of online banking, NemID etc. It increases accessibility for consumers, and it saves resources for the company.

About Dinero

At Dinero, we work to make accounting accessible to everyone. The usual accounting and deduction rules, as well as a unique bookkeeping assistant are built into our accounting program so you don’t even need to know them. In addition, we have a live bookkeeping support, which is open from 9 am -10 pm – 365 days a year.

Dinero is used by more than 55,000 customers who avoid accounting hassles and can spend their time on their business and ideas.

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Yourpay is a leading payment facilitator with redemption and gateway in one. We provide a complete payment solution at attractive prices, enabling companies to easily receive payments through our Online Gateway, Subscription Platform, Point Of Sale (POS) and Invoicing. Through strong partnerships, we are constantly developing our business with cutting-edge and innovative initiatives so that we can offer our customers innovative payment solutions that streamline and add business value.