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With Yourpay, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for your payment solution to work. Simply enter your mail in the box. After a few seconds you will receive a welcome e-mail with login to your Yourpay account. Then you can start setting up your payment solution.

What do you get when creating a Yourpay account

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Free support

Our support is ready by phone every day – and through email all day.

Set up


Our supporters are always happy to help you set up the basics and can often guide you to the right product to fit your exact needs.

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Merchant Agreement

You don’t need a separate acquiring agreement for using our Yourpay. With us, everything is included.

Accounting integrations

Accounting Integrations

Our platform is integrated with most accounting programs. Contact us for more information.

Complete overview in admin

Overview of your  account in Admin

Our admin system is easy to understand – and our colleagues are happy to give you a 15-minute telephone run-through on how to get the most out of Yourpay.