Collectia - a collaboration focusing on simplicity

The purpose of the collaboration is to make it easier for debtors to pay their outstanding debt. It improves the cash flow and ensures liquidity for businesses. People in the debt collection industry are often associated with something negative with eg. complicated payment processes via Netbank and NemID. The collaboration with this modern technology will ensure a more positive experience when the debt is to be paid. Especially when the dept is to be paid and act as assistance for both the debtor and the creditor.

Why Collect chose us

“Through our collaboration with Yourpay, we are able to offer our debtors a smooth payment solution that makes it easier to pay off their debts – which ultimately benefits our customers as well. It is important for us that we meet the debtor’s needs. And we do so by allowing debtors to choose how they want to make a payment. We also find that Yourpay is a good and proactive sparring partner, for instanace, they are always quick to implement new ideas that they (or we) continuously come up with. ”

– Karina Petersen, Development Manager

Simple and modern payment method

Collectia uses Yourpay’s EasyCollect to recover debt. The simple approach to payment increases debtors’ tendency to pay the agreed amount immediately instead of waiting. This creates value for the debtors who get an easy and quick payment experience, and for Collectia’s customers. The cash flow increases and it ensures liquidity. As payment facilitator, Yourpay is responsible for the settlement of Collectia’s transactions. This means that we ensure that the money is withdrawn from the debtor’s debit card and deposited into Collectia’s account.

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About Collectia

Collectia offers its customers intelligent debt collection solutions, which uses AI technology to prepare dynamic case processes that ensure efficient recovery. It is easy for a customer at Collectia, to keep track of the recovery and create new cases. With access to our case portal and mobile app, you can create cases in just a few clicks. Take a picture of your unpaid invoice and press “upload” and Collectia will take care of the rest. It don’t get any easier …

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