A unique partnership with innovation

The purpose of this partnership between Bring and Yourpay is to create innovative and attractive shipping solutions that focus on the efficiency and security of businesses and consumers.

What they say about the collaboration

“The transport industry is known for being old-fashioned and it is being pushed by the digitalization. Therefore, we would like to signal that we are part of the solutions of the future and understand how to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits it brings – for example, a label-free solution that we have developed with Yourpay ”. – Thomas Jacob Jensen, Sales Manager International, E-commerce & logistics Nordic Region

Bring-Your-Gear – Roskilde Festival

At Roskilde Festival 2018 thousands of festival guests were able to have their equipment transported to and from the festival. The concept works by customers handing in and picking up their stuff at Brings Package Shops (in different cities as well as at the festival). The customer was met with a good and safe payment experience through Yourpay’s Online Gateway. As a payment facilitator, we handle the customer’s payment. We expect to repeat the succes at all the big, Danish festivals in 2020.

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About Bring

Bring handles the logistics of small and large companies throughout the Nordic region. They have 1200 package shops in Denmark and handle everything from goods to packages and letters. Bring also handles installation / assembly – regardless if it’s a washingmachine, a sofa or a television. Bring has approximately 6.000 employees in Danmark and 19.000 throught the company and operates i the whole Nordic region.

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Yourpay is a leading payment facilitator with acquiring and gateway in one package. We provide a complete payment solution at attractive prices and makes it easy for companies to receive payments through our Online Gateway, Subscription Platform, Point Of Sale (POS) and Invoice payment. We are constantly developing our business with pioneering initiatives through strong partnerships. With these we can offer our our customers innovative payment solutions that streamline and add business value.