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Strong partnership that bring customer value

The goal of working with Billy is to optimize the companies’ invoice and reminder management. It’s based on a our common mission to make business as easy and efficient as possible. The collaboration continues with exciting new projects.

What Billy says about the partnership

“The accounting program is, in most cases, the core of all business owners’ administrative IT tools. That’s why it’s important that we can offer as many integration solutions as possible, where this collaboration with Yourpay is the newest. And in this case, the webshop owners will benefit greatly ”.

– Nicolai Hofsø


Billy and Yourpay partner

The results of the partnership

In all of our projects together, Billy handles the accounting part at their end and Yourpay, as payment facilitator, handles the payment from the consumer’s card to the company’s account.

Automatic Bookkeeping

Yourpay’s technology makes it possible that all financial postings regaring payments through our Online Gateway or payment terminals to be automatically posted in the bank. It reduces the administration for the company and streamlines the work processes.

Online card payment

For Online Card Payment, EasyCollect is used to send payment links via digital invoice, e-mail or SMS, where the customer can pay with a few clicks without the use of NemID, online banking etc. This minimizes the administration work for the company and makes the payment easier and clearer for the customers.

Automatic Reminder Process

Behind the Automatic Reminder Process lies an advanced technology, collectAI, which can use data to calculate when each debtor is most likely to pay his invoice. EasyCollect automatically sends a payment link via digital invoice, e-mail or SMS. This ensures the company the optimal recovery rate and reduces manual work.

About Billy

Billy is an easy-to-use online accounting program for small and medium-sized businesses that doesn’t necessarily have an accountant or bookkeeper and therefore needs an accounting and billing system that’s easy to work with and cheap to use.

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Yourpay is a leading payment facilitator with acquiring and gateway in one package. We provide a complete payment solution at attractive prices and makes it easy for companies to receive payments through our Online Gateway, Subscription Platform, Point Of Sale (POS) and Invoice payment. We are constantly developing our business with pioneering initiatives through strong partnerships. With these we can offer our our customers innovative payment solutions that streamline and add business value.

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