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Resellers is part of our growth

We do support our resellers, with new integrations, smarter implementations and smooth setup-methods. By supporting each other we can in combination have the growth needed for both parties.

Make money as Yourpay Reseller

Yourpays kick-back solution, is focused on commercial webagencies and ISO’s that actively refering webshops and/or sell POS with Yourpay as the primary payment channel. The kickback is being paid out on a monthly basis, and will increase when your merchants growth.

Integrations with focus on growth

Do you have the most efficient solution, that optimize the general use for webshops? Connect with us, and lets make an optimal integration together.
It will benefit both you and us.

Brand partners with commercial potential

We do work with brand partners where both parties have an increased revenue of working together. It is for a well-established brand with products or services that benefit our customers. For example, associations and organizations.


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
0-0.2 mio./md. EUR


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
0.2-0.5 mio./md. EUR


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
0.5-2 mio./md. EUR


Per transaction

The merchant volume:
+2 mio./md. EUR, on individual basis

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