Partners is part of our growth

Strong partnerships are the path to growth. For you and for us. Through partnerships, we complement each other’s competencies and create solutions that provide business value and new opportunities for each of our customer portfolios. Become Yourpay partner today and see a world of benefits.

Make money as Yourpay Partner

Yourpay pays monthly kick-backs to commercial partners, such as web agencies, who actively refer webshops and / or stores that become customers of Yourpay. The kickback is paid out once a month and varies with your customers’ accumulated revenue month by month.

Integration partners focused on growth

Yourpay is always on the lookout for streamlining solutions that facilitate the work day for our customers. We create them together with partners where it is obvious to do an integration, such as online accounting programs and shop systems.

Brand ambassadors with commercial value

As brand ambassadors for each other, this type of partnership creates mutual commercial value and increased customer access. It is a well-established brand of products or services that benefit our customers, such as associations and organizations.

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With a Yourpay partnership, there are cash benefits


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
0-0.2 mio./md. DKK


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
0.2-0.5 mio./md. DKK


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
0.5-2 mio./md. DKK


Per transaction

Merchant volume:
+2 mio./md. DKK, on individual basis.

Collaboration for everyone's gain

Yourpay already has many strong partnerships in the back. Common for all of them is that we want to make it easier to be a business owner. We want to do away with heavy bureaucracy and endless paperwork. At Yourpay, we believe that automation and simple solutions are the way forward. Prices must be completely transparent and hidden fees belong to the past.

If you’re sharing this philosophy, establishing a collaboration can be of great benefit for both companies. Become a Yourpay partner and make something difficult into something simple.

Sharing In this philosophy, establishing a collaboration can be of great benefit to both companies. Become Yourpay partner and make it difficult for something simple.

If you want to hear more about what it is like to be a partner at Yourpay, read what some of our selected partners say.

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