Artha Kapitalforvaltning invests 13 million kroner in Yourpay

The headline says it all. It is the already existing owners, namely the independent capital manager Artha, who have decided to invest in Yourpay again. They first invested in Yourpay in 2018 and the new investment now makes them majority shareholders. The new distribution of the shares allows Artha to ensure a higher return on the invested capital and expectations are high. And what does that mean? It simply means that they can see a unique opportunity to grow a business and turn it into a solid and scalable business and ultimately increase their returns.


Who is Artha?

Artha is a private equity fund that manages investment portfolios for approximately 600 of Denmark’s wealthiest families. And we’re not talking petty cash. In 2020, the portfolio was DKK 12.7 billion and when they invest in projects, it is not only their customers’, but also their own. In other words, they put their hand on the hotplate every time they invest.

One of their major and most recent projects was the modernization of Marienlyst Strandhotel, of which Artha acquired large parts in 2017, and which they resold with a profit on the good side of DKK 500 million already after 2 years.

What does that mean for our customers?

With the new capital injection, our customers can expect major changes. It is no secret that in the payment industry it is customary to have to wait a certain number of days for his money. But with the new investments, it can, among other things, help us to pay out money on the same day as it is earned – at a much more favorable price. We think that makes good sense. It will contribute positively to society, with greater liquidity for companies in an otherwise pressured time with Covid-19.

It will also mean more resources to be able to support the development of our innovative technologies and strengthen our staff so that we can become even better at supporting our customers.


FinTech is a good investment

FinTech has come to stay, and several talent companies are still in the process of challenging the otherwise established market. FinTech is financial technology made smarter, more efficient and user-friendly. The mergers that are taking place at the moment, in the battle for Europe, have put Yourpay in a unique leading position in Denmark. With the capital provided, the scaling of the business, and the continuing necessity to challenge the status quo of the market, in its very own way becomes far more favorable.

What can we achieve toghether?

There are few companies in the market that can offer a total solution like Yourpay. Often, business owners need to have agreements with several companies, such as Nets, Handelsbanken or Bambora (or all three at once). It can easily lead to a lot of confusion, because where do you turn when things do not stop working? If you have a card terminal from Verifone, you must have an acquiring agreement with someone else. If you then wish to receive certain cards, you must have special agreements with Nets. In addition, if you want to have a complete POS system, you must have another agreement with a supplier for this, such as Shopbox or Quickorder.

It is precisely this old-fashioned way of thinking and way of handling payments that we at Yourpay want to do away with.