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Online accounting

Automatic Bookkeeping and invoice payment - easy for you and your customers

Yourpay cooperates with a number of online accounting programs that make it easier for you to manage your transactions – before, during and after the payment. With Billy, Dinero, or e-conomic as your accounting program, you can, for free, implement smart features, making it easier for your customers to pay. At the same time, the work processes of your company will be streamlined with less administration, for instance, through Automatic Bookkeeping .

Optimize your business with Automatic Bookkeeping

Avoid several hours of manual typing with Automatic Bookkeeping. All the transaction will be posted, 100% automatically, directly in your online accounting program each time a customer makes a payment. Your sales data will be collected and the fees posted to a separate account. It saves you time and at the same time, you are always sure that it’s posted correctly.

Make invoice payment easy for your customers with payment link

With the online accounting programs Billy, Dinero and e-conomic you can easily send a payment link in your invoices. Paying their bills has never been easier for your customers. It only requires a few clicks and their debit card – nothing else. The customer receives the payment link directly in the invoice and will be sent to the payment window with a single click. Here the customer enters his card details and then the bill is paid. All the payments are automatically posted.

Efficient and time-saving payment reminder management

With Billy as your accounting program, you can also streamline your reminder management with Automatic Reminders.

It is an intelligent reminder service that automatically follows up the unpaid invoices. Please notice, the reminder management can only be used with Billy accounting program.

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