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Yourpay is an omni-channel that covers the entire payments palette. Whether you have a web shop, a physical business, a debt collection business or otherwise need to charge money, we have a solution.

From idea to action

Yourpay started as an idea to make it easier to be a business owner. The desire to be able to get an acquiring agreement, without being ruined by fees, hidden tariffs and infinitely long payout times.

It is the same goal we still have today and will continue to have. This means that we always strive to make both prices and processes as simple as possible. Still, there’s not far from idea to action, so we are constantly expanding our services and putting our customers in focus.


The story of Yourpay

June 2019

Yourpay is used by 20.000 stores

Today we have a customer portfolio of over 20,000 registered customers and it continues to grow with over fifty new customers on a daily basis.

January 2019

Yourpay applies to become a "Payment institution" under "Law on payments" §9.

It was a great day when, after a huge amount of groundwork with hundreds of documents, we filed the request to change our status. It makes absolutely no difference to our customers. However, it is of great importance to us as a company.

Yourpay has achieved a size in Denmark, where the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority requires us to have the large license. With the new license, we can finally start marketing ourselves in Europe.

August 2018

Yourpay goes live in all of Scandinavia

With new licenses and new ideas, we opened up to our Scandinavian brothers.

It now became possible to use Yourpay’s omni-channel even if you were not resident in Denmark.

April 2017

Yourpay gets customer number 5.000

Customers are starting to see the simple business model and customers are flowing in. We are starting to accelerate the influx and expand both our business and our team.

May 2016

Transaction number 1 million is processed

The number of transactions made is steadily increasing and we cheered loudly when we reached that number.

It was physical proof, that what we were doing was working and that we could do something that customers would like to use.

September 2014

Yourpay starts and the adventure begins

With the idea of making payment solutions an option for all Merchants, Mathias Gajhede started up Yourpay. He wanted it to be everything the big acquirers were not and it should be on the terms of the businessmen.

Away with bureaucracy and intricate solutions, forward with transparent pricing and simple omni-channel solutions.

Careers with Yourpay

Are you dreaming of a career at Yourpay? Here, you can read more about what employees say and see if there is a vacancy to suit you.

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We make it easy for you to grow your business

We make it easy for you to develop your business

“Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to operate and develop their businesses. That’s why we provide a premium payment solution that gives you the profits, time and money to make your business flourish. ”

Mathias Gajhede 
   founder og CEO i Yourpay