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Business development made easy

Yourpay is an omni-channel covering 97% of the whole payment spectrum. Whether you have a web shop, a physical store, work in debt collection, or need to collect money for some other reason, we have a solution.

From idea to action

Yourpay started as an idea to make it easier to run a business. To enable people to get a merchant agreement, without being ruined by exorbitant fees, hidden charges and infinitely long payment times. 

This is still our goal today, and will continue to be in the future. This means that we always strive to make both prices and processes as simple as possible. And the distance from idea to action is still short, so we are constantly expanding our services and focusing on our customers.

Careers with Yourpay

Are you dreaming of a career at Yourpay? Here, you can read more about what employees say and see if there is a vacancy to suit you.

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We make it easy for you to grow your business

We make it easy for you to grow your business

“Our mission is to make it easier for business owners to operate and develop their businesses. So we provide a first class payment solution that gives you the energy, time and money to make your business flourish.”

Mathias Gajhede 
   founder and CEO of Yourpay

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