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3 concrete steps to increase your basket size

In this post, I give you my best tips, to raise your average basket size on your webshop. These are all initiatives that we have made on our webshop watery.dk. This has contributed to us raising the average basket size by 22% over the past year.

I will show you the examples in concrete terms with pictures of how they are implemented on Watery.dk. Then you can to judge for yourself which of them would also work for your own webshop


1: Add obvious complementary products in combination with the buy button

Basket-Size tip 1

This is the one initiative that has given the largest increase in basket size as well as the number of products per purchase. Simply because it is a no-brainer – and good service to the customer.
Here we are, for example, on a pair of goggles, where the customer, in combination with the buy button is also recommended to add anti-fog spray, an extra elastic and some shampoo. We could see from these previous orders that these three products were often bought together with goggles like these.

As such, these are also products that most customers would have browsed around on the website to find. But here we serve the products for them on a silver platter. They can be easily checked off so that they too are added to the basket.

The important things in the implementations here, are:

  • You do not put the same 3-4 products as “recommended with” across all products. But on the other hand, spend some time looking at the existing data with which products are most often bought together. Then the products displayed next to each other are adapted.
  • We use the text “Watery recommends together with” to tell the customer that these are not random products we have lying around here. At the same time, it shows our expertise that we have already found the products that the customer also wanted
  • That the recommended products do not have too high a value compared to the original product. Here the glasses cost DKK 329 and the associated products only approx. DKK 60 – thus it is an “easy” extra purchase for the customer to make

2: Use the correct recommendation sliders

Basket-size tip 2

Over the years, I have been around various providers of such “product-recommendations” software and have now ended up at Clerk with great satisfaction.

The smart thing about these recommendation sliders, similar to tip 1, is that we give the customer an easy opportunity to find exactly what he / she is looking for in products. Plus, we tell what other customers have purchased along with the product the customer is looking at right now

I therefore see these sliders as a must-have on the product side.

At the bottom of the product page are these two sliders, which are the ones that work best for us:
– Good alternatives to this product
– Other customers bought together with

In addition to the product side, we have also come to the conclusion that these sliders across Watery work best:
– Most purchased sliders at the top of the category page
– Products that cost less than DKK 100 as an “easy” additional sale in the basket

3: Strategic use of sleeknotes

Basket-size tip 3

I’ve always loved popups to drive sales – maybe even a little too much at times according to our customers. But you just cannot get around the fact that they are super well-designed to draw attention to something specific.
That’s why we’ve made some custom popups made in Sleeknote, among other things. Here we give discounts on specific product groups depending on what they have in the basket. They can also easily be made in other systems, I think.

Above is an example where the customer has ONLY put a pair of goggles in the basket. But we would also like the customer to consider our anti-fog spray and case. Therefore, we have made the above popup to come up as soon as the basket is open. Plus, they have products from the category of goggles in the basket and NOT the two products we recommend.

Another example is that the customer e.g. has added a swimsuit to the basket, but for the customer it might also make sense to buy a pair of goggles at the same time. That’s why we made this popup, which comes up when a swimsuit is added to the basket, but not swimming goggles.

To increase the incentive, we have added an exclusive discount – it works absolutely fantastic.

Basket size tip 3 del 2

Then we reached the finishline with the three concrete tips. I hope it gave some new ideas on how to increase your average basket size yourself. At least it’s something worth working on.

Daniel Johannesen

About Daniel Johannesen, guestblogger:
Daniel is the owner of the webshop Watery.dk